Dear sponsors

We have completed the entire six-year Masters Program on 24th November 2013, and already left the Institute, where we had attended the teachings and review classes and done prayers and meditations together in the past six years. On one hand, we feel sad that we had to leave this familiar place and separate from our teachers and friends. On the other hand, we are looking forward to setting on a year-long journey in order to integrate more in depth the Buddha’s teachings with our practice.

Thanks to your extraordinary support, we have been able to raise 42081€! A big THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your kindness and generosity!!! Not only did you help us financially, but also you have definitely helped us, through your generosity and words of encouragement, to reinforce our motivation of wanting to gain some experiential understanding of the teachings so that we can be of most benefit to others. Here are our retreat locations and commencing period:

  • Marina and Hans: Dolomiti Mountains, Italy. Middle of January 2014
  • Jake: Land of Calm Abiding, USA. Middle of January 2014
  • Joan: O Sel Ling Retreat Center, Spain. April 2014
  • Yaniv: Mashiv-nefesh, Israel. September 2014
  • Tiziana: Kalachakra Retreat Center, France. February 2014
  • Yumi: Kalachakra Retreat Center, France. Beginning of January 2014

We have already made a list of dedication with your names and special dedications that we have received from some of you. We hope to be able to develop a stronger karmic connection with all of you through keeping you in our prayers during the entire year of our retreat.

Thank you so very much! With prayers for your long lives, good health, and fulfillment of all your Dharma wishes,

Marina, Hans, Joan, Jake, Yaniv, Tiziana, and Yumi
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**Picture from left to right: Yumi, Yaniv, Marina, Jake, Hans, Joan, and Tiziana


Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

According to Milarepa: "The meditator and the benefactor supporting the meditator will attain enlightenment at the same time, due to the auspicious karmic links they create."